Diaspora Scheme
Mauritian Diaspora

The government of Mauritius strongly believes that our dispersed Mauritian Diaspora community is a precious asset to our economy. In the aim to attract them to participate in the economic development of the country, the government introduced the Mauritian Diaspora scheme which offers a range of incentives.


Any member of the Mauritian Diaspora who has, before 24 March 2015, been living and working outside of Mauritius and has the necessary skills, talent, and experience and willing to return and serve Mauritius is eligible to apply for Registration as Professionals or Self-employed under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme.


1) Exemption from payment of Income Tax under the Income Tax Act, during the 10 succeeding income years as from the income year in which he returns to Mauritius.

2) Exemption from the payment of excise duty under the Excise Act, up to a maximum of Rs 2 million on a motor car purchased in Mauritius or abroad.

3) Exemption from the payment of customs duty under the Customs Act and Customs Tariff Act and value added tax under the Value Added Tax Act on household and personal effects.

4) Exemption from the payment of registration duty under the Registration Duty Act on the first purchase of a residential property under the Smart City Scheme or the Property Development Scheme.

5) Successful applicants who do not hold a Mauritian Citizenship would be eligible to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP).

Note: The incentives are further defined in the Mauritian Diaspora guidelines.

Important Notes

Applying for an Occupation Permit or a Residence Permit by Retirees on the National E-Licensing System (NELS) is free of charge. In addition, the Economic Development Board does not charge any fees for processing of applications for these permits. Only successful applicants are required to pay the statutory permit fees, as prescribed by law, to the Government of Mauritius.

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Notes to Mauritian Diaspora Scheme

MDS Guidelines Oct 2020

MDS Regulations 2015

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