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Smart City Scheme

The Smart Cities, revolving around the work, life and play concept, are large-scale mixed-use developments in cosmopolitan conurbations with smart technology and pioneering innovation at their core. residential estates are embedded within an integrated masterplan fostering a sustainable and happier lifestyle with ample space and opportunities for innovation driven businesses and multiple leisure amenities, while living next door.

A non-citizen can acquire a residential unit, being a townhouse, villa, apartment, penthouse, or a duplex within any of the smart cities.

Also, non-citizen holders of residence permits, occupation permits or permanent residence permits can acquire a plot of serviced land of an extent of 2,100 m2 for the purpose of building a residence, in a residential development located in a smart city, approved by the EDB. The acquisition has to be made not later than 30 June 2022.

If the acquisition of the residential property is made at a minimum of USD 375,000, the non-citizen is eligible for a residence permit.

Projects approved by the Economic Development Board include

Smart City Certificate Holders:

  • Savannah Smart City Ltd
  • Cap Tamarin Smart City
  • Uniciti (Medine Smart City)
  • Moka City Ltd
  • Saint Felix Smart City Ltd
  • Jin Fei Smart City
  • Beau Plan Smart City
  • Mon Choisy Smart City
  • Hermes Properties Ltd
  • Azuri Smart City Company Ltd
  • Yihai Investment Ltd
  • Royal St Louis Development Ltd
  • New Montebello Development Ltd
  • Cote D’or Data Technology Park
  • Ferney Development Ltd

Holders of Letter of Intent:




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