Travel Requirements

Every person entering
Mauritius shall:

  1. Hold a Passport or any other recognized travel document, which is valid beyond the intended period of stay
  2. Hold a valid return passage ticket to travel back to his/her country of origin or residence
  3. Be eligible to re-enter his/her country of origin or residence
  4. Have adequate funds to meet the cost of his/her stay
  5. Have a confirmed hotel booking or sponsorship for accommodation
  6. Not engage in any gainful activity without a valid residence permit

Note: Foreigners traveling to Mauritius for Residence / Work, should be in possession of a valid entry residence permit.

Need for Passport to
Enter/Leave Mauritius

Any person entering or leaving Mauritius shall produce to the Passport Officer a valid passport issued to him by or on behalf of the Government of a country of which such person is a national or citizen, or some other Government document intended for travel and establishing the nationality or citizenship and identity of such person to the satisfaction of the Passport Officer.

Travelling Protocols

Effective as from 15 July 2021


A passport issued by any of the following governments is not recognized to be a valid travel document to enter Mauritius:

  • Taiwan
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Note: Holders of unrecognized passports, stateless, refugees and holders of travel documents should apply and obtain an entry visa before undertaking any travel to Mauritius except Taiwan Passport holders who may be granted sixty days visa on arrival.

Any other questions ?

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