From honeymoon to forever home: How Mauritius made this couple’s dreams come true


Penny Jones, an English mass display choreographer, and Ken Annandale, a South African author and speaker, are an expat couple living in Mauritius.

They first visited Mauritius on their honeymoon 20 years ago. “I can remember walking down one of the beaches and just saying to myself, If I die tomorrow, I would die happy because I’ve really experienced what paradise is like,” Penny recalls.

When Ken expressed his desire to live in Mauritius full time they started looking into the options. “We’ve always been entrepreneurs. So we focused all of our attention on our online business and moved here permanently”, Penny told Euronews.

The couple have been enjoying the perks of running their online business from Mauritius by spending time on the beach, kayaking around the island, and going on hikes. “It is just magical, and that is the reason why we came here – [for] the lifestyle”, Ken says.

When Ken twisted his back and needed an operation in Mauritius, the couple were impressed by the level of care. “It was world-class – the service was amazing, and the surgeon was trained in France. We have some amazing nurses on this island. Over a 40-day period, they managed to control the inflammation and I started to feel normal again”, Ken said.

Penny and Ken have been growing their network of local and expat entrepreneurs living on the island, “I have new ideas. I am developing a new software in conjunction with somebody on the island”, Ken says.

The couple continues to seek new adventures in this latest chapter of their lives and credit the affordability of life on the island in adding to that, “My impression was that you need to be a millionaire to afford to live in Mauritius, and we were grateful and pleased when we found out that you don’t need to be a millionaire to live here.”

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